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Bulgarian sons of the Slavonic family, listen to the words of Heaven:


Brothers and sisters of the Slavonic home, suffering folks of kin, dissentious tribe, the soul and heart of the future, the life and redemption of the present, peace bearers and defenders, sons of God’s Kingdom, listen to the Word:


Heaven has assigned a sacred duty for you in the Kingdom of Peace, which is to come, and will in its prime mark a sublime event in this world’s life; and if you stand true even now to this noble and sacred calling awaiting you, then, believe me, The LORD of hosts himself will bestow on you the glory and lordliness of His Life and shall inscribe your names in the Supreme Scriptures of the supreme worlds, conducting the Supreme sacred cause of sublime redemption. A glorious future is in store for you, which shall come not to put an end to or destroy Life, but to resurrect it in its thorough completeness. All folks and people chosen, who make the cream of the new generations of humanity, are called to take part in this Life. Your time is nearing, your trial is coming to an end, the hour of your calling is tolling and the minute of life is striking to awaken you to enter upon this blissful Life, which is penetrating this long-suffering Earth.


I have come from above by the supreme order of God – your Heavenly father, who has entrusted me with the great mission to forewarn you of the bad ways, and give you the good news about Truth in Life, which is descending from the heavenly home of the eternal Light to enlighten every mind, to grant rebirth to every heart and to raise and renew every spirit – chosen children of Truth, meant to constitute the conceived grain of the New human species to which the Slavonic family, Judah’s [Jacob’s son] knee, shall be the moulding earth.


The Leader to salvation, Zion’s anointed person, God’s King, the brother of all suffering ones, shall come in all his might and spiritual perfection and shall transform the appearance of this World. You will soon take a high standing in the redeemed supreme worlds, which little by little, steadily ascend one upon another to new layers of the upper supreme worlds. In the Heaven of divine orders, where this world of ours shall yet make a move to take the place allotted unto itself by the Master Supreme among others. Your stepping into these new infinite boundaries of the eternal worlds’ New Kingdom shall be celebrated by a sign given by the Supreme Ruler, Master and King over everything. He will meet you together with the likenesses of Angels, who will come to greet you with joy and cheer, as fellow-citizens of the Eternal Kingdom whose might and glory never end.


Do not let God down with your conduct; never doubt His Truth, brought to you from his Divine abode as testimony of His faith and love for you. Enlighten yourselves, come to your senses, and know the truths of Life. The one, who delivered you, is watching over you. His name you do know. Do not be of two minds, do not hesitate, but rather cast your cowardice and frailty away and come to the eternal Light of Life, to know the eternal divine ways of God who raised you from the dust of nothingness to the glory and grandeur of immortality.


Do not fool yourselves, but make room for the One who brings life to you. Before Him, families, generations, people are not wasted, but are restored and reborn by this very same Eternal Spirit, who brings order into everything in this spacious divine world. Renovation is a sublime bliss helping you to honour yourselves, to step upon the road to Light where Peace and Love reside at every step. It is Life’s powerful driving force, which raises all disheartened souls. It is the road to salvation, onto which the unhappy human species is entering, summoned from Heaven, to one more grand feat, which will put an end to everything as it is meant to be.


The road onto which I have come to take you in order to enter God’s Kingdom, to serve him, is an eternal road; a road full of Life’s kindness, it was this road that took all sons and divine Images to ascension before the conception of the very Eternity itself having no beginning or end. And between you and the road of Divine images there is a huge interstice, immeasurable by any mighty power and still there is an invisible bond that connects everything into one inseparable brotherhood. This bond is the Love of the eternal invisible God – the source of Life. This overwhelming Love of the One who loves you and cares for you, has summoned me from above to come to help you in these intense times, which shall reign for the last time in this world.


A great danger is facing you, intending to destroy everything sacred, planted by the hand of our Divine Father. This is why to this world have I come, to guide you personally during this most strenuous minute of life. Be brave, adamant, and unyielding, true to your calling, arms across the waste-line, ready for the battle. Everybody must make the needed self-sacrifices so that Truth can triumph. Now is the favourable moment to show that you are the chosen people, of Royal seed, people led by God Almighty.


I am coming to the aid of the Slavonic family; they are destined to triumph over all their enemies and foes, impeding them on the way of the noble knowledge they are aspiring to attain, and of the predilection that the supreme intent of Providence has destined to the Slavonic family. Time is close and at the gates of this world. Truth shall triumph and shall set in its entire beauty and charm that will enlighten the face of this world with divine radiance. Here you can see the day of Truth that delivered you to His glory. Listen to His voice, He is coming from above, raise your eyes and see what there is in store for you, open your ears and listen to the sweet songs, the pleasant hymns, the inspiring anthems, songs of praise by the likenesses of Angels preparing for this glorious day.


Listen, faithfulness is the first step to enter into the New life, it is the first condition at the narrow gates of acceptance, it is the first fruit of Love that you have to submit to at the feet of the Father’s altar. There is not sufficient time to go back over old discords, which would be of no use to you, unless you learn from your mistakes so that you can rectify your current ones. Your rebirth seriously needs pure virtues, which are not to berarely encountered. [M1] It is now superficial, not reaching deep down to the roots, temporary and unimplemented, which cannot deliver the expected ripe fruit. These people have a crying need for guidance, to be led by holy and godly principles that are needed to be successful. These principles have been set out time ago by God who takes care of the improvement of all of His families and these principles have been introduced into our souls. People can be renovated only when mind and heart act in parallel, Love together with Virtue, Power and Mind jointly guide and lead them along the road to commendable attainment. Outside these lines everything is forever wasted for the people. Therefore you need to take a break and consider the situation you are in, so that you could avoid the general devastation pending above all of us.


I have come into this vicious world at a crucial minute to apply the needed influence, to divert you from this noxious road, along which the people on Earth are rushing recklessly. Remember, in case you scorn upon my good advice and resist my Divine instructions that I am bestowing upon you, as I hold you dear to My heart, in such a case I shall apply other measures much more severe, which I am entrusted to exercise in return of your recalcitrance to the sacred Divine orders. You are in My custody and I am bound to guide you and raise you in the Word of Truth. I am your guardian and supreme leader in the Heavenly images. When I took vows to be your guardian, I have foreseen all difficulties to be encountered in time until I take you to a safe place. I did knowknew[1] the many obstacles and mishaps we would face with you in this glorious battle, but My spirit stood by my intentions. My Love for you dictates a sacred duty to me and I took a step forward to take you under My supreme safe-guarding. In the distant past your Spirit did not possess any beauty; it could not have attracted me to love you. You were a detestable sight and whoever cast a glance at you, felt repelled by your callous heart. I did not turn away from you on account of this awful shortcoming of yours, neither did I cut you off for the vulgar casing you had put on over your soul, but I came to love you entirely with my loving Spirit, which set itself to penetrate you and find any divine virtue, any kind feature in your soul, so that it could mould and fertilize it, so that it could bear fruit in abundance and generate a pure, holy, and elevated conduct, to bestow on you the privilege to be among the species of the first people chosen by God Almighty to implement His eternal and divine will.


Nowadays it is already time to decide the major destiny of this vicious world, where Heaven is heading to perform a fundamental and magnificent transformation and soon this will come, in the New century, approaching to turn a new leaf in the life on Earth. This is why I want for you to be prepared, as you are lagging behind due to your present crimes and to the previous sins of your people, because of which you had to go through infinite sacrifices and sufferings, until the complete cleansing and purging of your loathsome vileness, which annoyed God and provoked Him to turn away from you and leave you in the century-lasting ordeal in order to get to know and repent your sins which severed the sacred bonds with His Love. But God cannot be angry forever; His mercy has been with generations on end, His kindness survives forever with these people who love Him and His blessing is not retrieved. He has guided you through all the dark ages with his steady hand and has kept an eye on you while you were wandering along the dangerous ways of this world. To this I, your Supreme guardian, had to make a lot of efforts and sacrifices, to remedy your past, to raise and put you in the beauty of Eternity, which was meant for you.


Therefore I had the kindness to summon from very far, from the confines of Heaven, the two brothers[2], the luminaries of the Slavonic people, and to hand to them the Word of Truth and the Word of Life, so that they could bring this to you and teach you of My ways, which would take you up to the Eternal Light where I reside: the Light of Life, which I sent to you to abide in it, which the world did not accept, but averted itself from and transferred My anointed person of the Testament, Jesus, to profanation and death, because the deeds of these people were devious. But the offenders of My Testament received payment for their wrongs and from then on everything was interrupted. Justice is eternal, my father is unalterable, His deeds are immutable, you are My people. God was looking for a home for himself and His choice fell with the Slavonic family, which Heaven came to hold dear for its Divine virtues. Therefore I sent the two servants of Mine to you to deliver to you the delightful news to step away from the darkness of the obscure pagan deities. And joyful delight it was in the worlds of Light, when God laid the seal of His majestic name upon you and implanted His Spirit into your heart for good as eternal Testament. And I appeared to your then regal ruler[3] and announced to him the will of Heaven, to accept My messengers of the New Testament and he listened to My voice and honoured himself before Me to become a forefather of your spiritual rebirth. And here I say to you that no other humbler or more ingenuous ruler has ever been born in the Slavonic family, who with unflinching faith took to heart the promise given, like Abraham, who did not take pity on his son, but offered him as a live sacrifice to God. Such were the deeds of your God-loved ruler and father of the Slavonic family, who ceded the eyes of his first-born son in a good offering, a gift selected to God, in token of a firm faith in Him. And from this day on you were recognized by God Almighty, who in His infinite Wisdom decided to glorify you together with all Slavonic people, in whom God Almighty lives forever and to whom He allotted the first place in His Kingdom, which is already unfolding in its prime in this suffering world.


Know the immutable Truth, that the elevation of the Slavonic family is an elevation needed for all, an elevation that God Himself performed for the one chosen by Him, the Leader to Salvation, who would soon appear among you in His entire glory and might, to restore the eternal Kingdom of Peace, the Kingdom of God on Earth. ‘And if someone shall dispute our leadership from now on, God Himself asserts, this someone shall dispute Mine, as I have the power to grant mine to whomever I want; and if I cede of My good will, who could that be to oppose Me or tell Me what to do. The ones, who dare, let them step ahead and try their might and they shall see. I am the only One and My word is immutable and I am faithful and true in all of My ways. My Word is undeniable.’


God is your Master. He is your bridegroom who sends His gifts, who rejoices with you for the Love you accepted faithfully from Him, who is King of Kings and Master of Masters. Therefore I have come from the pre-eternal abode to inspire you for good and holy life, to safeguard you against new sins against the Supreme will of Heaven and not to be denied, as previously, when you annoyed God with your wrongful deeds and He allowed you to fall in the hands of your enemies, who came from afar to punish you for your crimes and to enact the rule of the Supreme Judge over you. However, in the past falling of yours I supported you with My Love, because you were not completely cast away from the face of the One who had chosen you. And during the long-lasting yoke I had constantly been guiding you instilling patience and humility and teaching you how to rectify your life, to become aware of your sins, to repent and to fully open your heart to your God, with whom you are in marital bonds of pure and immaculate life. In all your sufferings and trials I have supported you with My hand and have imparted strength and power to your Spirit, not to lose heart completely and not to get lost in the slime of desperation. And with all My might I started working to create a pure and impeccable soul of divine conduct. And at the end of your long-lasting ordeal, when Heaven, under the Supreme discretion of God’s Providence, decide to rescue you from the burdensome yoke; I was the first one, who appeared to intercede and liberate you, assuming that you would avail of the granted blessing to rectify your past; but you misused the gifts of liberation. I, however, started liberating you by using all of My energy working for you to accomplish the glorious idea, which I have to complete in the shortest time, which awaits for my supreme order. But your discords, your new profligate life, hold back the sacred idea, which I have taken to heart for your sake and the sake of all the human species; but there are limits to everything, this you must remember. During these recent years of the newly started life of yours I Have guided you in safety until this minute and Have made every effort to safeguard you from many pernicious evils. Praise God that I am not of the kind to be defeated. It is approaching and now is the time when you will experience My Might and you will know that I am God, who cannot be deceived, but you are self-willed people, who do not see where it is good for you to be.


The weakness of your souls is the total dissension and disagreement, which is in the way of the sacred cause of the Slavonic family, but faithful I am to the deed of the One, who has sent me. There are no obstacles, no difficulties to Him, his Will is eternal and unbending and all he had said shall be, but not in our days, if you go back like the Jews in the desert and you shall leave your bones like them because of your cowardice and total lack of faith. The new generation, which God Almighty Himself would raise, shall implement His intentions destined to come true. You may slow your progress, if you indulge in the promiscuous life of depraved people and this makes Me more vigilant for you, lest you again go back and fall in the trap of the devil, and such a fall shall cost you your life. This made Me come down from above among you, to defend you again, to alleviate and eradicate your loathsome hatred for your brothers’ folks, who had for your sake offered innumerable human sacrifices; this is holy Russia, to whom God has allotted a glorious future to fulfil His Will for your glory and the glory of His Kingdom. You will receive a gift from her, just like Melchizedek from Abraham, whom he also blessed. Today’s power and glory to you she owes, such are the Divine ordinances: one shall sow, another shall reap, and in the end all shall participate in the Divine wealth. Today the infernal malice is being obviated, events are taking a different course, the wicked forces are withdrawing before the first forces, the offenders of God’s Peace shall be punished everywhere and His Justice shall be restored on Earth. The Kingdom that I shall restore is not a Kingdom of hate, but of love; raise your eyes and see that the world is ripe to harvest. I shall soon prove the truthfulness of My Divine words. Yet another great feat and all hearts shall tremble and the philosophizing of the world shall cease once and for all. Heaven in token of its benevolence has given you one holy covenant of mercy and Love, which is kept among you. And on the day the response is given, from this day your redemption shall commence.


And I warn you to keep what I erect, not to demolish it, because it is sacred; and if you dare commit sacrilege, three evils shall I bestow on you: famine, plague, and devastation; I shall not spare you, but I shall judge you and shall remember forever that God has spoken. Mind My words. In the Covenant that I Have entrusted you with, there lies your future, it is the tablets of your home, hope and life for your kin. Listen to Me, Slavonic family, be my Witnesses, that I Have spoken to you.


I am now addressing you, my servants, leaders, teachers, and you people of letters, Pharisees and hypocrites, and I order you not to deprave My people, whom I have sent to you. Enough following the bad ways, it is time for you to reflect, lead My people along the way of Truth and do not fool them, help the helpless in their hardships and do not offend the poor. Give up lawlessness, reject injustice, leave profligacy behind, because God cannot tolerate these deplorable deeds, taking place everywhere before His eyes. His Patience has gone beyond limits, I was called to put an end to an incurable evil. Reflect upon this while still there is time ahead; the hour is approaching and even now it might be too late for you to start looking for Me. Reflect on this, the lack of faith you experience wilfully, shall bring you no good. Here I have come for the second time since you became My people, to see for myself what you look like, what life you live, and My spirit was moved by the lamentable picture. Pitied you should be, for whom I have sacrificed everything I had: life, glory and honour. You abused My kindness and My Love. I face a multitude of wretched brothers and sisters of yours, raped or robbed by you yourselves. Go to them and confess your sins and all of you make Peace with your fellow men. The day, when I shall disclose myself to you in My sublime glory, I want it to be a day of Rejoicing, not of sorrow, a day devoted to My God.


I am Elohim[4], the Angel of God’s Testament.


8 October 1898, Varna[5]



[1] I did know the many obstacles … - to achieve emphasis, as the phrase in Bulgarian is emphatic – but we can do without the emphasis I guess


[2] The two brothers – these are Cyril and Methodius


[3] your then regal ruler – this is Tsar Boris I


[4] Elochil  – in certain transcripts of Appeal to My People, the name is Elochim. According to Christian tradition the Elochims (Powers) are one of the nine hierarchies of supersensitive creatures, which in comparison to the human race stand at a higher degree of development of awareness: Angels, Archangels, Principalities, Elochims, Mights, Dominions, Thrones, Cherubims and Seraphims. In the text of the Master Beinsa Douno the term Angels is mostly used to denote the multitude of all nine hierarchies. According to certain interpretations Elochil is the name of the Archangel under whose spiritual leadership the Bulgarian people are placed. In a letter to Dr. Georgi Mirkovich dated 14 November 1898, the Master Beinsa Douno called him Elochil.


[5] Appeal to My People – was recorded by the Master Beinsa Douno on 8 October 1898 and during the same month he read it before Maika, the Varna Charitable Society. On 14 of November 1898 he sent it by post to Dr. Georgi Mirkovich (1826 – 1905) in Sliven with instructions to be printed and published, but on 2 December he wrote to Penyu Kirov (1868 – 1918) in Bourgas to postpone printing and to disarrange the print. The complete text of Appeal to My People reached us through a transcript by Mincho Sotirov, made in 1915 in Bourgas. Appeal to My People was first published in Sofia, 1994.




Edditors note


In "Appeal To My People" I really felt that it should not be changed too much, even though it has some very long sentences, and the order of the words here and there could be changed around, but one can understand it perfectly the way it is. I did make a few changes, but it felt wrong to do more than that. In fact if too many changes are made the text could lose its meaning and strength.


 I have one question though – Going over various texts in the web sites in relation with the Master, after translating this lecture I came across a lecture by the Master titled “Call to my people”, i.e. this must be the same lecture – I guess this is a translation done previously – had I seen it before, I would not have translated the title “Appeal to my people” – now I leave it up to you to decide whether for consistency sake we should have this lecture also titled “Call to my people”


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